Spiritual Accompaniment:

Spiritual Accompaniment can be described as ‘a ministry of presence and attentiveness’. At its most profound, Spiritual Accompaniment can best be thought of as an act of deep relational ‘meeting’ and ‘hearing’ where there is a sacredness of presence and collaboration of exploration conducted in a spirit of deep respect and an awareness of the sacred. It involves attending to the soul of one’s self and to the soul of the other. It constitutes the Accompanier metaphorically and empathically ‘walking alongside’ the Accompanee in her/his ‘inner life journey’ of yearning and/or celebration, as a Soul Friend.

Spiritual Accompaniment is the art of appropriately being alongside another in their spiritual journeying or quest. It is a way of insightfully hearing the process of spiritual journeying, a ‘way of being’ for meeting another on a spiritual level, and a ‘way of being’ for facilitating their journeying - however idiosyncratic that journey may be. ‘Spiritual Accompaniment’ recognises the unique experiencing of each individual’s spiritual journey. It accommodates that whilst each person’s spiritual journey may be rooted in traditional faiths, not all spiritual journeys are, and not all spiritual journeys that are rooted in recognised traditions adhere solely to the parameters and beliefs of those traditions. All spiritual journeying is existential and phenomenological in the experiencing as the Accompanee attempts ‘to discern God’s path’. As Richard Gillard puts it:

We are pilgrims on a journey,
Fellow travellers on the road;
We are here to help each other
Walk the mile and bear the load
I will hold the Christ-light for you
In the night-time of your fear;
I will hold my hand out to you
Speak the peace you long to hear.
I will weep when you are weeping;
When you laugh, I’ll laugh with you;
I will share you joy and sorrow
‘Till we’ve seen this journey through.

My fees are £50 per hour. Sessions usually last about one and a half hours (£75.00), and generally, we would meet about six times a year. Spiritual Accompaniment/Direction can be offered in Crewe or Chester, or by Skype (Skype address: drpeter.gubi).